Skip All The Hard Work and Put Your New Content To Work Automatically With the Affiliazon Builder Plugin!

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The Affiliazon Builder Allows You To Quickly Start Using and Monetizing Your New Content In a Matter of Minutes...

Here Is What The Affiliazon Builder Plugin Does Automatically...

Automatically Adds Your Affiliazon DFY Content

Simply upload the articles that you received as part of the Affiliazon DFY pack to your site and let the plugin automatically create a new post/page for each article.

Automatically Adds Your Affiliazon DFY Videos

The Affiliazon Builder plugin will automatically adds each video that you received as pat of the  Affiliazon DFY pack to each post/page.

Automatically Adds Related Amazon Affiliate Products

The Affiliazon Builder plugin will automatically add related Amazon affiliate products to each new post.  These affiliate products are automatically tagged with your affiliate code so you will get Amazon commissions on all sales.

Automatically Adds Featured Images

Just choose the featured image you would like to use and Affiliazon Builder will add it to your new post automatically!

Just Fill In The Form and Click

Affiliazon Builder could not be more simple to use.  Just simply fill in the form, press process, and let the plugin to all the work for you!

In Just A Matter of Minutes, You Can Go From...

Before 🙁

After 🙂

Skip All The Hard Work and Put Your New Content To Work Automatically With the Affiliazon Builder Plugin!

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